Favorite Things Party

For some time now, I have been wanting to host a Favorite Things Party. I always loved the element of surprise and joy shown in the audience of Oprah’s Favorite Things. So we’re not going to be giving each other a little box containing the key to a NEW CAR (insert Oprah’s excited voice here) or a $500 Cashmere Sweater in all the pastel colors you can think of. But this will be a fun way to get together with my besties to share those little things that make us happy. It’s been a nice diversion in my work day trying to figure out which one (or ones) of my favorite things I plan to gift away. There are so many!  I will be sure to post pics from the party (which is in March).




#2 – Makeover Our Patio – DONE

It’s still a work in progress, but we’re getting there. Hubby and I are so excited for this transformation. I cannot wait to sit outside and enjoy the cool breezes in the summertime and sip on a warm drink in the fall. I cannot wait to host our next get-together and make use of our new outdoor space. Take a peek at what we’ve been working on.

Some progress…

More progress…

Snapshots of My Weekend

Okay…I’m only doing this because sometimes I can’t believe how long…and random…and sometimes ridiculous…my weekend must-do/want-to-do list gets. So in addition to cleaning the house, grocery shopping, and laundry (that is just Friday after work by the way), Ella and I enjoyed a nice breakfast out with my folks, I went shopping with the mini-me and Hubby, exercised with the Kinect, took a neighborhood stroll with mini-me, went on a date with Hubby, more late-night shopping with the Hubby, cooked breakfast Sunday, made a strawberry pie, made Ella a tu-tu, made chicken adobo with the crock pot, Hubby finally hung the boy’s Senior photo, I gave El a trim, took advantage of the summer hours and went to the zoo, and had a late-night dinner at Eddie’s…whew!


Painting the Town Green

What a weekend it was! A lot of work, a little bit of play. Our company was part of the big industry tradeshow which was held in our beautiful city this year. We made a big GREEN splash in The Gaslamp, and I was so thrilled to be part of it. Definitely one of the high points in my career. :) Who says a medical devices company has to be bo-ring? Here are some pics!

Surprise Kudos

Recently, my manager startled me by saying “Congratuations!” I turned around in my creative cave (aka cubicle) and replied “Oh, did I get that project?” referring to an earlier conversation I had with her. She clarifies by telling me she had entered one of my brochures in a Medical Marketing Competition and it won Silver. Wow! I was both surprised and happy, as I had no idea she entered one of my pieces in this competition and as the cherry on top, I felt that she valued my work. How does this make me feel? Valued, appreciated, noticed and it reminded me that I am pretty good at what I do — well, good enough to place Silver in The Aster Awards that is. I say that humbly of course. :) I don’t usually pat myself on the back, but with the support and encouragement of my family and Hubby especially, they reminded me that I truly deserved the kudos even though I wasn’t looking for it. Those are the best kudos if you ask me — the ones you don’t expect or ask for, and the ones that surprise you when you least expect it. I share this award with all of my fellow marketing and creative geniuses. Proof that we’re not sitting at our desks coloring all day. *wink*


Inspired by Edmon & Maya

This weekend will be one of great celebrations! My godson Edmon is celebrating his 4th birthday and my goddaughter Maya will be baptized. After such a stressful and emotional weekend (read previous post), I am actually amazed that  I had the focus and motivation to dive into my creative projects. But somehow, it was chicken soup for my soul — it allowed me to channel my energy and thoughts into these two little loves of my life.

My godson is a superhero — really, he is. He jumps and leaps from high places and always exudes this great energy! The last playdate at his house, I noticed that he only had a blanket draped across his shoulders — this was his cape. Knowing that his birthday was approaching, I challenged myself to make him a real superhero cape. I didn’t have a pattern or a clear idea of what his emblem would look like. I just kind of took the scissors and cut here, cut there, etc… Overall, I am happy with how it turned out. The Hubby helped secure the patch and Ella of course was my model. :)


 I am so honored to be Maya’s godmom — my Bestie (Maya’s mom) always has things under control and is making these fabulous s’mores pops for her favors. I asked Bestie if Hubby and I could add to the favors using an idea I saw awhile back on one of my favorite blogs Sara’s Party Perfect. Plus I couldn’t resist this adorable picture of Maya which had perfect positioning for the “heart pop”. Also a great idea for your little one’s Valentine’s cards!

Sweet Treats

Sending You Some Holiday Glee

I didn’t think it was going to happen, but we MADE it happen. I am big on traditions and especially not breaking them, if I can help it. Our holiday cards are part of our family tradition. Hubby and I always try to send something fun and creative or just “us” during the holidays, and this year we played off of our love for music and what seems to be hot in pop culture these days – the show “GLEE”. Add a little color, some quick photogs from our DSLR, our very own custom playlist from a FREE (gotta love FREE) site, and voila! Meet our 2010 holiday card.

2010 Holiday Card

Birthday Bag

This morning, I’m dropping the Tween off at a birthday party. While I have a stash of paper gift bags I could grab at my convenience, I thought I’d introduce a craft to make her gift even more special for her friend Kylee. I had picked up some cute remnant fabric from Wal-Mart for $0.99  and thought this would be a perfect occasion to make use of it. No sewing involved here, just my handy glue gun. I had the Tween pick out ribbon for the finishing touch. Inside the bag: A personalized card, an Abercrombie tee, a Hello Kitty lip gloss and those silly rings that seem to be very popular these days :)

A Very Special Package for Kylee

Note to Self

Now that I’ve received my new sewing machine (jumping for joy), I have a few projects on my radar. This post is basically to organize my scattered brain so that I don’t lose sight of these projects:

– Sewing machine cover
– Bulletin/inspiration board
– Stain and add upholstery to Ella’s work table and chairs
– Throw pillows for living room sofa
– Dresses for Ella & Addy with matching accessories (i.e. headband, hair ribbon, purse, or tote bag)

Other Projects:

– Our family holiday pictures
– Hang pictures on another wall
– Sewing table/desk for bedroom
– Paint TV wall
– Paint bedroom wall
– Ella’s craft kit gift
– Gift card holders

Hmmmm…I think that’s it. For now. ;)


Santa was so kind to order my xmas gift a little early this year and I am so sew excited! With all the ideas floating around between the Hubby and myself in regards to reinventing our abode to add more of our…wait for it…FLAVA (lol), it will be nice to have my new handy dandy tool to bring our ideas to life!  Believe it or not, you never forget how to thread a machine…like riding a bike, I tell ya!

Patiently waiting for you, my new friend :)