Mom Cave

Mom Cave:

Defined as a place for said Mom (me) to enjoy times of rest, solitude, multi-tasking, watching movies, reading,
catching up on DVR’d shows, iPad-time, productivity, snuggling and business alike;
similar to the popular ‘Man Cave’ that we all know about…just cuter because well, it has “Mom’s touch”.

This past Christmas, the Hubby and I decided not to do our usual ‘showering of gifts’ for each other. Instead, we decided to choose one thing that we really wanted (or needed). So naturally, he requests a table cigar torch lighter. So manly, right? I threw in a “Stinky Ash Tray” that we wanted as well. I, on the other hand, wanted AND needed a new desk. My current office space consisted of…ready for this? A black wobbly folding table and about 2 feet of paperwork, junk mail, magazines sitting on top of it. Oddly enough, I was able to miraculously know where all my ‘important items’ were located on the heap of mess. But I was tired of looking at it and honestly, I would feel a burst of stress shoot through my body every time I looked that way.

Hubby took my Christmas gift to the next level by doing a whole office makeover. The ‘office makeover’ turned into a ‘space makeover’ hence my new Mom Cave. We got rid of a love seat that was taking up WAY too much space in our crowded master bedroom – amazingly enough, it freed up so much space!

I will post pictures as soon as I complete the makeover – planning to paint a couple of walls this weekend first! So excited!


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