Ella’s First Day of Kindergarten

Ella's First Day of Kindergarten

I cannot believe that my baby girl has started kinder. For weeks…ok, maybe months…I was having anxiety thinking about how she would take to all the changes – waking up early, going to a new school, packing her lunch, making new friends, going to the after-school program, etc. I am happy to report that my Ella put all my worries to bed. She has been doing a FABULOUS job and I could not be more happier about the whole experience. The best part of Ella going to kinder is being able to walk her to class every morning. Naturally I felt the ‘mommy guilt’ about having to take her to the after school program, but I wanted to somehow make up for that by spending quality time with her in the beginning of her day. It has been the most fulfilling part of the days – there’s nothing better than holding hands, talking about rainbows and all sorts of neat things, and kissing each other good-bye…tearless good-byes!

From the day we moved into our home, I always dreamed of the day we would have kids going to the neighborhood school. It’s finally happened, and it’s just as awesome as I had imagined.

I’m so proud of you, Ella – I pray that this new experience teaches you the value of education, working hard, friendships and how that will help shape you in your future.


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