Fancy Eating – Day 1

Do you ever feel bored? Feel like you need a change? Need to feel inspired? Well, that was me at about 2:30pm yesterday. I was incredibly exhausted and feeling uninspired – not because I’m not surrounded by inspiration but I wasn’t tapping INTO my sources of inspiration. Enough is enough – I needed to do something different and feeling tired was not an excuse! It was beautiful San Diego weather for crying out loud – I needed to honor that somehow, so I decided to surprise my Hubby (and myself) with a nice, light and fancy dinner in our patio.

Recently on a date night, we were blown away by a brussel sprouts appetizer! Never in my wildest dreams did I think brussel sprouts would blow my mind. But they did! So I decided to challenge myself and make a copycat of that healthy, delicious appetizer. A little bit of olive oil, salt, pepper, bacon fat (oh yeah) and voila after about 30 minutes of roasting! Success, I thought, and so did my Hubby :)

The next part of my fancy dinner was inspired by me craving a good crostini or bruschetta. I improvised on this one – no fig jam, so I replaced with apricot and it worked just beautifully. I also didn’t feel like buying a pot of basil leaves, so instead I bought a bag of arugula – again, beautiful and delicious!

To make dinner even fancier, I bought a bottle of red wine. Perfection. Sometimes, it’s fun to be spontaneous, even when I’m tired. ;-)

Crostinis and Brussel Sprouts

Crostinis and Brussel Sprouts


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