Top 10 Horrible Things You Should Never Tell Your Kids

Sadly, this reminds me of someone to the T. Unbelievable.

10. “I’m living the life I’ve always wanted…or am I? I don’t know, I’m drunk again, so I really don’t know my own reality.”

9. “Oh, I didn’t get your Dad’s text or email about your event. I was too busy posting about my inebriated adventures on Facebook. I’ll check it later.”

8. “Yeah, I’m going to your game. My ride to the club is one of your teammate’s parents, and we’re carpooling. Kill two birds…”

7. “Honey, I can’t make it to your game today. I’m getting myself a sweet tattoo today – but good luck!”

6. “You need money for your field trip? I don’t have any money right now.” (said while unloading a bag filled with beer and wine with new tattoo exposed)

5. “This is a bad report card and yes, you can sleep over at your friend’s house.”

4. “I know my boyfriend told you to ‘shut up’ but I want you to have thick skin.”

3. “I should really discipline you but in all honesty, I’m just not a micromanager.”

2. “Hi kids – I missed you guys this weekend. So glad you’re home. I left the dishes in the sink for you guys to take care of – we had a big party this weekend while you were gone!”

1. “Listen, when your Dad and I were married, it was because of me that he spent so much time with you. I would tell him to take you out for ice cream because I had to come home and change for the club and just couldn’t bear hearing you kids begging for me to stay home. It made me feel guilty and I just didn’t want to deal with that.”


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