Final Update: 35 Things to Do Before I Turn 36

So, yours truly just turned another year wiser. Here’s a look at what I was able to cross off my list in one year, notes and all!

  • Make popsicles from scratch. (May 29)
  • Makeover our patio. (July 24)
  • Makeover my “creative space” where I can write love notes, draw, wrap gifts, scrapbook, etc.   This is still a work in progress but I DID get as far as buying a dedicated caddy to stash all of my scrapbooking, gift wrapping, die cutting, and other fun tools in…hey, it’s a start ;-)
  • Achieve (or get pretty darn close to) goal weight and lose the “baby weight”. Lost the pregnancy weight…now time to lose a wee bit more!
  • Plan a romantic date or getaway for my Hubby. We do so many cute and fun things together…not to mention, romantic! But I DO need to plan something special and go all out.
  • Take family pictures with our new Baby Girl. Not yet, and ironically, my older daughters have asked me when we were planning to do this. <3
  • Knit a beanie for our new Baby Girl. Ok, so towards the end of my pregnancy, I was super-tired and not so ambitious…this was a fail.
  • Participate in a run or walk. This may have to roll over to the next list ;-)
  • Write an article in Mira Mesa Living. I did contribute to the last issue but for some reason the editor hasn’t published the issue at all. I get the feeling they’re a little short-staffed since I believe it’s all voluntary??? I wish I could find time to volunteer and design the newsletter myself so that way our community can get frequent updates. Well, we can’t do it all, can we?
  • Paint a utility box in our community with friends and family. Possibly another rollover…
  • Go bowling with family and/or friends (even though I really suck at bowling). Nope.
  • Prepare vegetarian meals for a whole week. Nope.
  • Work on a children’s book about “blended families”. Not yet…on my bucket list though.
  • Start a photo book for our new Baby Girl. Have gotten as far as taking TONS of pictures of her and printing some of them out.
  • Finish more photo books for Ella. Nope…I need to get on this one – she’s going to be 5 next month!
  • Do something different/drastic with my hair (even if it’s super-temporary). Ombre’d out…does grey hair count? -__-
  • Try out Jiu Jitsu. Nope.
  • Reconnect with an old friend over lunch or dinner. (May 30 – with “Sis”) Lots of times with lots of old friends :-)
  • Volunteer my time. Multiple times at Ella’s school. I even read a story to her class – that was fun!
  • Plan a “me-date”. So happy to report that this has been a semi-regular thing for me and it feels so good!
  • Go strawberry picking or apple picking. Sigh…nope.
  • Try out a recipe for a Filipino dish I’ve never tried to make before. I’ve been researching empanada recipes in an effort to replicate my Grandmother’s legendary empanadas.
  • Have a picnic in the park. (Sunday, May 13)
  • Create a new family tradition. Over the holidays, I introduced the kids to the “Giving Back” tradition. We started with 3 missions: 1) Paid for the people behind us at Starbucks 2) Baked and delivered cookies to our local post office and 3) Gave a family movie tickets. I can tell it touched the kids and is teaching them the value of generosity and giving back. This will DEFINITELY be something we’ll do every year around the holidays. This year, I will even have them come up with the 3 missions.
  • Improve upon my photography skills. Meh…not really. But I suppose my ‘skills’ are passable.
  • Start a Savings Account for Baby Girl. Not officially.
  • Take Ella to the Children’s Museum. (Sunday, June 10)
  • Send a surprise to someone in the mail.
  • Work on being debt-free.
  • Try Bikram’s yoga…at least once. Fail.
  • Plan a fun and creative girls day/night in/out. I hosted a “Magic Mike” themed baby shower for my SIL and a Favorite Things Party.
  • Travel by train for the first time. Possible rollover…
  • Do something nice for my parents regularly (i.e. make a healthy meal, give them movie tickets) just because. Yes! Whenever possible!
  • Say the “Serenity Prayer” as often as needed in order to accept certain things in my life and find peace.
  • Make myself a priority and make it a regular thing.

Not bad! Time to start compiling my 36 things to do… list.