Favorite Things Party: Recap


My first attempt at a Favorite Things party was a success! The only little glitch was that one of my girlfriend’s names was in the bucket 3 times and we only had one set of gifts left to give away (translation: she would have received 3 of the SAME thing). No bueno, but we fixed it and everyone left with FIVE new sets of favorite things. Check out the photos! In the future, we will pre-select names to avoid such a dilemma ;-)

The details:

  • Orange and yellow color scheme (because it’s so happy) with splashes of the chevron pattern
  • Everyone brought their favorite dish or dessert – I brought a toasted goat cheese salad, truffle parmesan fries and French macaroons from one of my favorite cafes, Opera Patisserie
  • Each person had a turn at presenting their favorite thing – it was nice to hear why their giveaways were so special to them

It’s always nice to get together with my favorite friends. I couldn’t have asked for a better day. :-)