Mother’s Day 2012

I had a nice Mother’s Day weekend with two of the loves of my life – my Hubby and Ella. We went to the Asian Cultural Festival, purposely arriving a bit early to beat the crowds, find parking, etc…you know, to avoid stressors that would otherwise put this pregnant mommy on edge. The day could not have been more beautiful! I love seeing Ella get excited over simple things like watching the dragon dance, having shave ice which reminded her of our Hawaiian vacation, and making new friends. Later that evening, we had dinner with my side of the family. 

The Hubby had been asking me what I wanted for Mother’s Day and I responded with a picnic in the park. Instead of making it simple, which is what I would have done, my Hubby made special sandwiches, picked up my favorite cookies, a couple of gossip magazines, and packed up the car the night before with our picnic chairs, umbrella, and Ella’s scooter. He is the best! We ended our day at Starbucks – it was the last day of their Happy Hour Half Off Frappuccinos promotion!

The other three loves called me/texted me their Mother’s Day wishes…it was a great weekend!


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