Ella’s Rock Star Birthday

Last Saturday, we celebrated my little girl’s 4th birthday, in true rock star fashion. Complete with a concert ticket invitation, VIP badges for the kids to wear, microphone cupcakes, swag bags with a CD of Ella’s favorite songs and a photo booth featuring Justin Bieber himself, my little rock star had a blast! I had fun planning every detail of her party but what a challenge it is when you’re 6 months pregnant!


On the back of these badges, the kids were instructed to do FOUR rock star activities: take pictures with the “papparazzi” (photo booth), create their own “bling” (bracelet craft), “pick” up their guitar (each kid got an inflatable guitar to keep), and finally “sing” Happy Birthday to Ella which happened during cake. For each activity, they received a star sticker and when they completed all four activities, they received a swag bag.


The birthday girl blowing out her candles!


The rock star changed outfits…


In her first outfit, holding her guitar.


The invitation…


The microphone cupcakes (well, I tried).


The photo booth – Ella and her friends using the rock star props!


The swag bag had a t-shirt that read “I Partied Like a Rock Star at Ella’s 4th Birthday”, stickers, pop rocks and a customized CD filled with Ella’s favorite music.

Ella, I hope you had an amazing 4th birthday – you seemed to have a wonderful time with all of your friends and cousins. It was so nice to see you playing, laughing and dancing all day into the night. You’re growing up so fast and I just hope that this party is just another special memory that you’ll keep forever and ever. I love you so much, Big Girl! Thank you for filling my heart with so much joy and love.



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