#1 – Make Popsicles From Scratch – DONE


The proof is in the popsicle! : ) This was delicious – it was like eating a frozen smoothie on a stick. Sweet, healthy, refreshing treat. Can’t wait to try out more recipes!


Ready to Let Go…Are You?

“You can clutch the past so tightly to your chest that it leaves your arms too full to embrace the present.”

I read this quote by Jan Glidewell and thought it was extremely fitting for some of the changes that are happening in my life. Time to let go and embrace the beautiful things in front of me.

Proud MOMent

Yesterday was my baby girl’s very first dance show. I was hoping and praying that she would not have the same stage fright her Mommy (eh-hem…me) had during a piano recital many moons ago. Thankfully, she pulled through like a champ and let her inner dance-diva shine through! I am so proud of her beyond words. It was especially meaningful to have both sets of grandparents there too.



Bought This to Make That

Today, I bought this:


So I can make that:


How delicious does this sound all blended together to make a yummy treat? I cannot wait! Thank you, once again, Pinterest!

  • Can of pineapples with juice
  • 1 banana
  • Can of coconut milk
  • 1/2 tablespoon of vanilla

25 Rules for Mothers & Daughters

I saw this as I was browsing through Pinterest and loved it so much I had to share. They say it’s so much harder to raise girls than raise boys. With two older bonus daughters (16 and 11), one of my own (4) and one on the way (6 months along), I have felt the challenges as well as the pure joys of having a daughter. Enjoy!

Mother’s Day 2012

I had a nice Mother’s Day weekend with two of the loves of my life – my Hubby and Ella. We went to the Asian Cultural Festival, purposely arriving a bit early to beat the crowds, find parking, etc…you know, to avoid stressors that would otherwise put this pregnant mommy on edge. The day could not have been more beautiful! I love seeing Ella get excited over simple things like watching the dragon dance, having shave ice which reminded her of our Hawaiian vacation, and making new friends. Later that evening, we had dinner with my side of the family. 

The Hubby had been asking me what I wanted for Mother’s Day and I responded with a picnic in the park. Instead of making it simple, which is what I would have done, my Hubby made special sandwiches, picked up my favorite cookies, a couple of gossip magazines, and packed up the car the night before with our picnic chairs, umbrella, and Ella’s scooter. He is the best! We ended our day at Starbucks – it was the last day of their Happy Hour Half Off Frappuccinos promotion!

The other three loves called me/texted me their Mother’s Day wishes…it was a great weekend!


35 Things to Do Before I Turn 36

  1. Make popsicles from scratch.  (May 29)
  2. Makeover our patio. (July 24)
  3. Makeover my “creative space” where I can write love notes, draw, wrap gifts, scrapbook, etc.
  4. Achieve (or get pretty darn close to) goal weight and lose the “baby weight”.
  5. Plan a romantic date or getaway for my Hubby.
  6. Take family pictures with our new Baby Girl.
  7. Knit a beanie for our new Baby Girl.
  8. Participate in a run or walk.
  9. Write an article in Mira Mesa Living.
  10. Paint a utility box in our community with friends and family.
  11. Go bowling with family and/or friends (even though I really suck at bowling).
  12. Prepare vegetarian meals for a whole week.
  13. Work on a children’s book about “blended families”.
  14. Start a photo book for our new Baby Girl.
  15. Finish more photo books for Ella.
  16. Do something different/drastic with my hair (even if it’s super-temporary).
  17. Try out Jiu Jitsu.
  18. Reconnect with an old friend over lunch or dinner. (May 30 – with “Sis”)
  19. Volunteer my time.
  20. Plan a “me-date”.
  21. Go strawberry picking or apple picking.
  22. Try out a recipe for a Filipino dish I’ve never tried to make before.
  23. Have a picnic in the park. (Sunday, May 13)
  24. Create a new family tradition.
  25. Improve upon my photography skills.
  26. Start a Savings Account for Baby Girl.
  27. Take Ella to the Children’s Museum. (Sunday, June 10)
  28. Send a surprise to someone in the mail.
  29. Work on being debt-free.
  30. Try Bikram’s yoga…at least once.
  31. Plan a fun and creative girls day/night in/out.
  32. Travel by train for the first time.
  33. Do something nice for my parents regularly (i.e. make a healthy meal, give them movie tickets) just because.
  34. Say the “Serenity Prayer” as often as needed in order to accept certain things in my life and find peace.
  35. Make myself a priority and make it a regular thing.

Ella’s Rock Star Birthday

Last Saturday, we celebrated my little girl’s 4th birthday, in true rock star fashion. Complete with a concert ticket invitation, VIP badges for the kids to wear, microphone cupcakes, swag bags with a CD of Ella’s favorite songs and a photo booth featuring Justin Bieber himself, my little rock star had a blast! I had fun planning every detail of her party but what a challenge it is when you’re 6 months pregnant!


On the back of these badges, the kids were instructed to do FOUR rock star activities: take pictures with the “papparazzi” (photo booth), create their own “bling” (bracelet craft), “pick” up their guitar (each kid got an inflatable guitar to keep), and finally “sing” Happy Birthday to Ella which happened during cake. For each activity, they received a star sticker and when they completed all four activities, they received a swag bag.


The birthday girl blowing out her candles!


The rock star changed outfits…


In her first outfit, holding her guitar.


The invitation…


The microphone cupcakes (well, I tried).


The photo booth – Ella and her friends using the rock star props!


The swag bag had a t-shirt that read “I Partied Like a Rock Star at Ella’s 4th Birthday”, stickers, pop rocks and a customized CD filled with Ella’s favorite music.

Ella, I hope you had an amazing 4th birthday – you seemed to have a wonderful time with all of your friends and cousins. It was so nice to see you playing, laughing and dancing all day into the night. You’re growing up so fast and I just hope that this party is just another special memory that you’ll keep forever and ever. I love you so much, Big Girl! Thank you for filling my heart with so much joy and love.