Snow Trip 2012

This past weekend, our family went to Big Bear, CA to enjoy a few fun and chilly days in the snow. Everyone who knows me knows I’m not a “camping” kind of girl. I do love those little luxuries like a toilet, running water, heat, and a roof (one that is not made of fabric) over my head. Thankfully, my SIL arranged for us to stay in this lovely cabin that had all those little luxuries, plus had a camping-like ambiance. I absolutely loved it! There were so many “firsts” like Ella and her sister seeing snow for the first time and playing board games as a family for the first time. I was impressed to see how fearless Ella was in the snow – she braved the high hills with her big brother and sister beside her and even went tubing! It was pretty amazing to watch. So many wonderful memories made – it looks like this could be a new family tradition. : )

One of my favorite shots from the trip...they had a blast!

The cabin

The family

Snow angel

The family taking over the hill


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