Random Thoughts Thursday

  • I hate keeping secrets -__-
  • I love Pinterest…a little addicting, but I need it to stay inspired!
  • Had a little birthday party for the 11 year old last Saturday – was so impressed at how polite her friends are. I never heard so many unprompted “thank you’s” in my life – hats off to the parents!
  • Dropped more $$$ than I wanted to support a fundraising effort – whatever it takes to help the future.
  • Today is my Friday – woohoo! I need a little “me-time” tomorrow.
  • So many exciting things coming up including our 5 year anniversary and another family trip!
  • As of now…I really heart oranges. : )
  • I love seeing my baby girl’s first smile of the day and kissing her all over her face – it is the best thing!
  • Taking the mini-me to see The Fresh Beat Band this Saturday – we’re even attending the VIP Party where we’ll get to meet the cast – she’s so excited!
  • Highlight of my weekend last weekend – a morning walk with the Hubby and mini-me. It’s been awhile since we’ve done that. <3

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