Family Pictures in San Francisco

I didn’t get to blog much about how our Christmas holiday was…but believe me when I say that it was lots of fun and full of surprises! It wouldn’t be the same if our holiday season wasn’t a marathon, and it was a marathon. The day after Christmas, we got in the SUV and drove 8 hours to visit my SIL and BIL in San Francisco and celebrate Christmas with them. We decided to take family pictures with the talented Jorge Moreno. He did an awesome job and captured the spirit of our family. Check these out!


My Life Without Me

I’m so happy that I was able to watch yet another awesome indie film, My Life Without Me. It was so good, I watched it twice and even coerced the Hubby to watch it – he enjoyed it as well.

Casting was perfect, the performance by Sarah Polley (as Ann) was so convincing and real, and the message behind the film was so touching.  Minus some “adult” scenes, this is definitely a movie I’d love for our children to watch. It makes you appreciate life and inspires you to create meaning behind it. I absolutely LOVED it and can watch it over and over again.

Twenty Twelve is Here

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season – here’s what our family’s holiday season looked like:

  • 12/23 – We continued our tradition of driving through Christmas Card Lane…even after so many years, it’s always exciting to drive through. And it’s so sweet to hear the excitement in EVEN the big kids’ voices. : )
  • 12/23 – We exchanged Secret Santa gifts!
  • 12/24 – We hosted an early Christmas brunch at our home. Lots of food, fun and relaxing…Joe’s sister and hubby and my brother and his family were definitely missed.
  • 12/25 – Visited my folks for lunch.
  • 12/25 – Started packing for our SF road trip. We left at 3am as scheduled and made it to SF by 11:30am (even with a stop at McD’s).
  • 12/26 – 12/30 – Spent time with Joe’s sister and her hubby in SF. Great quality time spent! And how lucky were we to score a date night?! Thanks family!
  • 12/30 – After a very long…tiring trip home, we made it back safely. We stuffed our faces silly with Mexican food and called it a night.
  • 12/31 – New Year’s Eve – no partying for us. We took down all of the holiday trimmings, put away presents, and got ourselves organized right before the New Year. Hubby created a new tradition for each member of our family to write a message or a list of goals to be sealed and opened the following year. Let’s just say that I may need to “modify” some of my goals…for a very good reason. <3