Top Five: Places I’d Visit If Time & Money Didn’t Matter

1. The Motherland: I’d definitely love to visit the Philippines and meet all of my extended family out there. I visited when I was 13 years old, but I definitely didn’t have the appreciation for it back then. I am certain that I’d look at the whole experience a lot differently and with more of an open mind…as  a 13 year old, I was just homesick. :(

2. Jacksonville, Florida: My Dad is the eldest of 10 children, in which all 9 are on the other side of the country, primarily in Jacksonville, FL. Although, I cannot stand heat and humidity, I am willing to endure all of that to spend time with my cousins. Many of them are parents too and I’d love for our kids to meet.

3. Hawaii: The Hubby and I dream of taking our kids with us to Hawaii one of these days. I would love to rent a house on the country side to enjoy the private beaches and then drive over to the city side to enjoy the action of the island. One day…

4. Canada (NorthWest): I have only heard wonderful things about Canada – I would love to visit with my Hubby one of these days.

5. Spain: I would love to visit Spain with my Hubby, who has never been to Europe. I’ve visited 6 countries in Europe, but Spain was not one of them. I think it would be a romantic adventure for both of us. :)


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