Mickey’s Halloween Party

This was by far one of the more memorable Disney trips — but then again, aren’t all Disney trips memorable in some way? We’ve never been for Halloween, so it was a “different” kind of Disney experience and I highly recommend taking your little ones to Mickey’s Halloween Party. It’s another way to get more mileage out of their Halloween costume, the Disney tickets are less expensive AND parking is included, and there are trick-or-treat stations throughout the park…and boy, are the Disney folks super-generous with their candy-giving! My little Snow White enjoyed herself so much — it was so nice to see her having so much fun with her cousins!

Another recommendation – go to Paradise Pier for their Mickey’s Surf’s Up Character Breakfast. Make the latest reservation available – our kids had Mickey all to themselves and I thought that was special, considering in the park there is a huge line just to take a picture with the mouse himself.  The food was very good, although I wish I was able to try more. I was too excited and kept getting up to take pictures of the kids!


Top Five: Places I’d Visit If Time & Money Didn’t Matter

1. The Motherland: I’d definitely love to visit the Philippines and meet all of my extended family out there. I visited when I was 13 years old, but I definitely didn’t have the appreciation for it back then. I am certain that I’d look at the whole experience a lot differently and with more of an open mind…as  a 13 year old, I was just homesick. :(

2. Jacksonville, Florida: My Dad is the eldest of 10 children, in which all 9 are on the other side of the country, primarily in Jacksonville, FL. Although, I cannot stand heat and humidity, I am willing to endure all of that to spend time with my cousins. Many of them are parents too and I’d love for our kids to meet.

3. Hawaii: The Hubby and I dream of taking our kids with us to Hawaii one of these days. I would love to rent a house on the country side to enjoy the private beaches and then drive over to the city side to enjoy the action of the island. One day…

4. Canada (NorthWest): I have only heard wonderful things about Canada – I would love to visit with my Hubby one of these days.

5. Spain: I would love to visit Spain with my Hubby, who has never been to Europe. I’ve visited 6 countries in Europe, but Spain was not one of them. I think it would be a romantic adventure for both of us. :)

Snapshots of Last Weekend

Don’t you just love it when you have an amazing weekend? Last weekend was one of those “perfect” weekends for me.

It started with Friday night at the Cypress Canyon Community Park, where we watched our 10 year old play softball. The pizza party/potluck made it even more fun. Since the in-laws watched Ella for a few extra hours, we were able to give Aly our undivided attention. I’m amazed every time I see her play!


Although the Hubby had to work on Saturday, I went ahead and took our kids shopping and to lunch at Teri Cafe. It was fun spending quality time with them. Afterwards, we headed to our local pumpkin patch where ALL of the kids went down the big slide, bounced around in the inflatables — oh, and we picked up a couple of pumpkins too!

That evening, we went on a double-date with my Big Brother and my SIL. We went to a restaurant called Apertivo in one of our favorite neighborhoods in San Diego, North Park. After dinner, we visited one of our favorite cigar lounges Cesar’s.

Sunday, I enjoyed a full girls’ day out with my 3 best friends. It started with brunch at Searsucker, followed by shopping at Urban Outfitters, coffee & chatting at Chocolat,  and ending with pedicures! The weather was perfect, the conversations were non-stop, and what was nice was that nobody was in a hurry to get home. :) So refreshing and a much-needed Mommy break for sure!

Can’t wait to have another one of these weekends soon! :)