Random Thoughts Thursday

  • Whoa, I didn’t really blog a lot in September…too much going on, too many changes, and not enough time.
  • One thing I am happy about is how much time I spent with friends – Hubby and I had a double-date night at our favorite Top Chef contestant, Brian Malarkey’s new restaurant in Del Mar, Burlap! I also had sushi with my BFF, enjoyed dinner with one of my good friends from HSBC, and partied with our old UT and MTX friends. GOOD TIMES!
  • Ella is going to be Snow White this Halloween! :)
  • Excited for my niece/goddaughter’s 3rd birthday party this Saturday.
  • Ella has been doing well at drop-offs at pre-school – it makes me so happy to see her making new friends and learning new things at her new school. I think our new routine for her is working out great.
  • I absolutely LOVE Ella’s preschool – go Childtime!
  • Excited for all the fall fun ahead: Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland and our Spooktacular Halloween Party
  • So proud of 10 year old for making Honor Choir – she even sang a song she learned to me last night.
  • Can I just say how happy it makes me when our 18 year old texts me to check up on me knowing I’m not feeling well? He very much resembles his Dad in that sense. Truly lucky to have them both.
  • Looking forward to a very lazy Sunday…no plans and Hubby isn’t working this weekend. Woohoo!
  • Can’t believe it’s almost October — I don’t know about you, but this felt like THE longest month EVER!

Me & Big Brother at JJ's Gaslamp

B, Hubby, Chef Malarkey, Me & Nina: Burlalp


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