Top Five: Things to Do With My Family

1. Have Meals Together: When I was growing up, my folks were pretty casual about our meals. We didn’t really sit together around a table but it didn’t take away from how memorable those meals were — my folks are Top Chefs in my book! Fast-forward to my life today as a mother of 4, I look forward to preparing and enjoying meals with my family. It is our way to catch up on each other’s lives and be part of something together as a family. One of the most important parts of our family ritual is prayer before the meal. It makes me smile that Ella is old enough now to lead the prayer. :)

2. Go on Vacation: For a family our size (6), it’s a challenge to go on vacation…but I refuse to say that it’s impossible. After all, vacations – no matter the destination – is about being together, enjoying each other’s company and most of all relaxing. In the past, we’ve traveled to San Francisco and Los Angeles. This summer we’re taking the troops to Las Vegas.  Hubby and I are excited to show them some of our favorite LV places to eat, take them school shopping at the Fashion Show Mall, and let’s not forget the fancy pool at the resort we’re staying at — I can be there ALL day!

3. Cooking / Baking: I especially enjoy this during the Fall/Winter seasons…there is just something SO comforting about baking cookies, cakes, soups and stews with my kids. All of my kids are interested in cooking and helping out in the kitchen. Thanks to us, we jokingly labeled them ‘food critics’. :)

4. One-on-One Dates: Having four kids ranging from 3 all the way to 18, it’s important to me to have that one-on-one time with them. But I highly recommend it no matter how many kids you have! It’s a time where they get your undivided attention, they get spoiled, and you create a special memory together. For me, it’s fun to plan these dates and because they are in different stages of their lives, it’s a challenge for me to figure out what might interest them combined with I know they love.

5. Christmas Traditions: From decorating the tree, to baking, to wrapping gifts, to our traditional Secret Santa gift exchange, and our drive through Christmas Card Lane…I love all it all. Something special is truly in the air when Christmas approaches. This year will be special since all of our kids are with us this year. I am determined to make sure that the season doesn’t fly by but that we relish every day leading up to Christmas.



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