Mommy & Ella Date: Park-hopping & Picnic

I just couldn’t waste this past weekend’s weather and vowed to do something special outdoors with the mini-me. Instead of just going to one park, I decided to make it an adventure and take her to three of the big, newer parks in our community. She surprised me with her agility and imagination as she climbed up the tricky ladders, rock walls and slid down the “big kid” slides. I had a few heart-racing moments as she climbed what seemed like Mount Everest in playground world but Mommy was close by. We ended our date with a picnic in the last of the parks. Our conversation went something like this:

M: Are you tired?
E: No.
M: You look tired.
E: This is just my sun face. (Translation: The sun was in her face and that’s why she looked tired.)

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