Borrowed from Good Housekeeping Magazine

The best part of being married is…having your best friend and biggest supporter in your life for life, and that no matter what you’ll be accepted and loved for who you are.

The worst part of being married is…sharing a closet and a bathroom. Hahaha!

The most romantic thing my Hubby and I have done recently is…sit in the open trunk of our SUV in a random parking lot, sipping on our Starbucks, and just talking.

On a typical Saturday night, we…have dinner with our kids and break away for a coffee date!

And on Sunday morning we…try to sleep in. We almost always cook a big heart breakfast for the family.

The most used appliance in our house is…does the stove count? If not, it would have to be our coffee maker.

The least used appliance in our house is…our fancy schmancy Kitchen Aid. Surprisingly.

When it comes to housekeeping, I…don’t mind doing the dishes and laundry. Funny though, I do not like putting away the dishes or the clean folded laundry!

Around the house I’m the…boss-lady! :)


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