Checking In – Random Thoughts Thursday

  • Our big tradeshow is this weekend in our very own San Diego Convention Center. I get to stay at the Hard Rock Hotel which is where our After-Hours Party will be held. Trivia…we are the first company other than Comicon to advertise right beneath the Hard Rock sign! So I get to see my design in shining lights! Pretty cool huh? And how cool is it that I got to design the cigar labels for the after-hours party? The Hubby really got a kick of that. :) I feel a bit anxious about the weekend-long events and cannot wait until it’s all over…
  • I am sick. Stuffy, congested, coughing, sneezing…I hope I get over this cold soon.
  • Had a blast at our friend Erica’s 40th birthday party last Friday night. Hubby and I rarely get to “party” but it was fun being around friends, meeting new ones, and enjoying some “grown up time”.
  • Guy Fieri’s new cookbook is pretty awesome…this is what we got the Hubby for Father’s Day.
  • We have a complete set – I’m talking about our family. Oldest is back from his Hawaii trip and the girls are home, so it was nice to enjoy a nice family dinner together last night.
  • It’s officially summer, y’all! So looking forward to our family vacation this August. Kids still don’t know where we’re headed. Shhhh…
  • I was able to watch another movie…in the middle of the week even – The Door in the Floor. Was pretty good. Another one of those dialogue driven movies.




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