Future Foodie Gift Basket

Last Friday, my college BFF J-Dils gave birth to her son, the adorable Jackson. J is a talented food blogger so it seemed fitting to put together a “future foodie” gift basket. In the basket were items that I found to be so essential during my first year of being a Mommy. I also made Jackson three personalized onesies, one which plugged Mommy’s blog. :) Congrats J and welcome to the club! XOXO



Painting the Town Green

What a weekend it was! A lot of work, a little bit of play. Our company was part of the big industry tradeshow which was held in our beautiful city this year. We made a big GREEN splash in The Gaslamp, and I was so thrilled to be part of it. Definitely one of the high points in my career. :) Who says a medical devices company has to be bo-ring? Here are some pics!

Checking In – Random Thoughts Thursday

  • Our big tradeshow is this weekend in our very own San Diego Convention Center. I get to stay at the Hard Rock Hotel which is where our After-Hours Party will be held. Trivia…we are the first company other than Comicon to advertise right beneath the Hard Rock sign! So I get to see my design in shining lights! Pretty cool huh? And how cool is it that I got to design the cigar labels for the after-hours party? The Hubby really got a kick of that. :) I feel a bit anxious about the weekend-long events and cannot wait until it’s all over…
  • I am sick. Stuffy, congested, coughing, sneezing…I hope I get over this cold soon.
  • Had a blast at our friend Erica’s 40th birthday party last Friday night. Hubby and I rarely get to “party” but it was fun being around friends, meeting new ones, and enjoying some “grown up time”.
  • Guy Fieri’s new cookbook is pretty awesome…this is what we got the Hubby for Father’s Day.
  • We have a complete set – I’m talking about our family. Oldest is back from his Hawaii trip and the girls are home, so it was nice to enjoy a nice family dinner together last night.
  • It’s officially summer, y’all! So looking forward to our family vacation this August. Kids still don’t know where we’re headed. Shhhh…
  • I was able to watch another movie…in the middle of the week even – The Door in the Floor. Was pretty good. Another one of those dialogue driven movies.



Graduation: The Nest Minus 1

I’m nowhere near having an empty nest with 2 other kids still in school and one not even in preschool yet. But our oldest kid has finally graduated high school! It was difficult for me when he turned 18 but it was even harder for me watching him graduate high school. When your kids grow up, you can’t help but think that they’re not going to need you anymore. But he proved me wrong on the day of graduation.

His last week of school was non-stop, event after event, and I know my kid. He was exhausted. He slept as long as he could and only woke up in time to shower and change before heading to his graduation ceremony. At the very last minute he asked me to spray cologne on him, pointed out that one of the hems on his pants was unraveling and asked if I could sew it. Although I was a bit annoyed that he was so last minute, I also felt happy that he still needed me. :) I am 34 years old and I still need my mom and I truly believe that needing your mom is a forever thing.

I knew I was going to be emotional and I tried very hard to keep it together – I wore my sunglasses on the “overcast” day on purpose. :) The procession began and all the graduates looked into the crowds searching for their families. As soon as he found us and waved, I felt my eyes welling up with tears of  joy and sadness.

He found us!

Grads were asked to stand up and turn to their parents to say "Thank You"

He turned around on stage just for us :)

Team Justice :)

Proud Mom

Proud Parents

We had a Graduation Open House the following day – lots of food, family & friends and sprinkles of the alma mater in the details!

I found blue and white York peppermint flavored candies - perfect for the alma mater.

I made mini pennants as cupcake toppers - I included his football number as well as all the sports he played in high school.Hubby made SPAM-musubi's!

I displayed his Senior picture in a frame which was placed next to the candy favors.

The photo book where I had compiled photos of family, friends, and important events in his life.

Reading the card from us