Not So Extreme…But Pretty Darn Good…Couponing!

Some of you may have heard of or seen the new reality show Extreme Couponing. Well, this post is dedicated to my girlfriend who loves the show. The domestic goddesses in this show save hundreds of dollars, and while I can appreciate that, I’m not willing to go to extreme lengths just so I can have a stockpile of mustard on hand. However, I will use coupons to save where I can on things that make sense in MY life. When I wasn’t working, it was my mission to clip manufacturer’s coupons, retail coupons and read those darn sales ads to see how I can maximize my savings.  I believe the MOST I had saved in coupons was something like $15 which felt like a victory. This didn’t include the membership discounts – just coupons.  Here is a recap of how much I saved just this weekend alone:

-Photo Book from Coupon Code saved me $8.19
-Lunch at Buca Di Beppo: Coupon saved me $10
-Bath & Body Works: Buy 1 Get 1 Free Coupon gave me a Free Body Lotion ($12 Savings)
-Matinee Showing of Bridesmaids: Saved me $8 for two tickets
-Grocery Shopping at Fresh & Easy: Coupon saved me $5 off of $25 worth of groceries
-Kinect Game Zumba: Saved me $25 with their Thank You gift card from a previous purchase – we only paid $13 out of pocket for the game!

$68 in savings – not bad at all! We were able to watch a movie, have a delicious meal, get a free item, and pay less out of pocket simply by making smart decisions and taking advantage of great deals. Always search coupon codes online – they almost always work out and you save a few bucks!


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