Mommy & Me Date With Ella (2011)

Yesterday, I took Ella to one of our city’s famous places – The San Diego Zoo! She was so excited to go that the first words out of her mouth when she woke up Sunday morning were “Can we go go the zoo now?” We headed over a little after the park opened. It was perfect zoo-weather which means a bit overcast. Although the parking lot was filling up pretty fast, the zoo didn’t strike me as overly crowded – could be that it’s so big that everyone was just spread out. I did appreciate how the sidewalks weren’t crowded and Ella and I were able to just take our time and enjoy the animals we got to visit. The one animal she wanted to see was…The Panda! So our goal was to navigate through half of the zoo to get to Panda Canyon. Snacks were packed in the backpack (gotta love the zoo for allowing us to bring food and drinks into the park), she jumped in the stroller and off we went for a day at the zoo. We managed to see several animals which she was able to identify for herself – monkeys, bears, elephants, birds… My favorite moment was after visiting with the pandas, we stopped into a gift shop. She kept asking me for her backpack so I gave it to her. After she unzipped the backpack, she began to place the little panda trinkets in there. I explained to her that she can pick what she wanted but we had to pay for it first. Oh the innocence! She was so excited. She picked a little panda bear and kept it in her pocket all day long. See if you can find it in the pictures below. Enjoy!

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