Surprise Kudos

Recently, my manager startled me by saying “Congratuations!” I turned around in my creative cave (aka cubicle) and replied “Oh, did I get that project?” referring to an earlier conversation I had with her. She clarifies by telling me she had entered one of my brochures in a Medical Marketing Competition and it won Silver. Wow! I was both surprised and happy, as I had no idea she entered one of my pieces in this competition and as the cherry on top, I felt that she valued my work. How does this make me feel? Valued, appreciated, noticed and it reminded me that I am pretty good at what I do — well, good enough to place Silver in The Aster Awards that is. I say that humbly of course. :) I don’t usually pat myself on the back, but with the support and encouragement of my family and Hubby especially, they reminded me that I truly deserved the kudos even though I wasn’t looking for it. Those are the best kudos if you ask me — the ones you don’t expect or ask for, and the ones that surprise you when you least expect it. I share this award with all of my fellow marketing and creative geniuses. Proof that we’re not sitting at our desks coloring all day. *wink*


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