Ella’s 3rd Birthday: Hello Kitty & Keroppi Theme

3rd birthday last Saturday was a delightful success! Throwing a party in general takes a lot of work and most of all, preparation. But what makes it all fun is taking care of all the little details.

  • My sister-in-law kindly took the time and creativity to make Ella Hello Kitty and Keroppi cake pops — she did an awesome job!
  • I created a personalized coloring/activity book that went inside the goodie bags.
  • With the help of our 10 year old, we created baggies of M&Ms (in Hello Kitty colors of course)¬†complete with a personalized tag.
  • What is a Hello Kitty party without little bows to wear in your hair? These were fun to make.
  • I baked cupcakes that were adorned with easy-to-make wrappers. I used a basic template and added Hello Kitty & Keroppi’s faces.
  • We played a group game that was fitting for the toddler and pre-schoolers. The older kids stuck paper bows (as in Hello Kitty’s bows) all around the house and patio (some even got stuck on a few Daddies – LOL) and like a scavenger hunt, they had to find all the bows. Their prize was a goodie bag.
  • We found a perfect Keroppi-green frame that was lightweight enough for the kids to even hold and used it as a prop to take colorful, fun pictures!
  • Gotta love the Asian-market finds – Ella and her friends each had their own Hello Kitty Yan Yans as a sweet treat.


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