I’m starting a “Top Five” series of blog entries. Thought I’d start with the most delicious topic – FOOD. Having had several of my absolute fave foods in the past few weeks, I want to get this entry locked in before it slips my mind.

1. Mom’s Kare Kare – Nothing beats anything Mom cooks but THIS HERE will make me forget about any diet or healthy eating I’m in the middle of. I will happily throw it out the window for Mom’s Kare Kare over a plate of warm white rice and a side of bagoong (shrimp paste).

2. Thai Go Combo Fried Rice – I do not know what it is but this fried rice can’t compare to any other. Believe me, I’ve tried to find a replacement, especially something that is closer to home. This one can be found at Thai Go in Carmel Mountain (San Diego) which is really only 15 minutes away from me. Something about the sweet Chinese sausage pieces, chicken, and shrimp mixed in with the perfectly flavored rice, which is seasoned with one of my favorite ingredients – fish sauce!

3. Hubby’s Pot Roast – I knew I was going to marry him after tasting his pot roast. I didn’t grow up eating pot roast so it was a pleasant life-changing surprise to my taste buds! Tender meat and veggies, and lots of flavor. I’m Filipino so you know this goes over rice. :)

4. Noodles (all kinds) – I couldn’t narrow this one down so I had to be general. One of my earliest childhood food memories was eating Top Ramen. Poor Top Ramen, it receives so much flak for being the “starving student’s” only source of nourishment but it is admittedly something I still crave to this day. It’s one of my comfort foods. I also LOVE pansit (Filipino) especially the bihon and canton styles. And you almost always see me ordering chow mein (Chinese), pad seeyew (Thai), pad thai (Thai), or yakisoba (Japanese) when dining at any Asian restaurant. Noodles to me are what bread is to some.

5. Mom’s Macaroni Salad – It’s not a surprise that two of my Mom’s dishes made the cut. Even I cannot duplicate her mac salad and I have tried…many times. The salad is both sweet and savory, and just delicious. I can eat plates and plates of this, and this is a dish I request my Mom to make for almost all of our hosted parties.


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