Las Vegas Weekend Getaway

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What an incredible weekend the Hubby and I had. Even though it was only 3 days/3 nights, it was comparable to how much fun and how memorable our honeymoon was. There were so many “meant to be” moments that made our mini-vacation feel so special. From delicious food on and off the strip, to an enjoyable live show, to meeting family for the first time, to the live music , to the simple “do what we want when we want / no agenda” mentality. Every minute of our trip was stress-free and relaxing…even during the times we were in the middle of Las Vegas Blvd. stop and go traffic. It was ALL good. We are still recovering from our trip and going through withdrawals. We are so thankful to everyone who made it possible for us to enjoy a wonderful weekend away from reality.

Some notable moments from our trip:

  • Our awesome patio overlooking the pools. We would sit out there every morning, afternoon and evening between our outings and just chill and enjoy the cool Vegas weather we were blessed with.
  • Food, food, food! Olives at the Bellagio, Aloha Kitchen, Green Valley Buffet, Yard House, Mad Greek…delicious, all of it!
  • Bars & Lounges – we went to the Fontana Bar, Casa Fuente, and Cadillac Ranch during our trip.
  • Family time – we met up with Hubby’s cousin and his family. It was my first time meeting everyone. Always nice to spend time with family. Wonderful people.
  • Human Nature Motown Show – a must-see for anyone who loves Motown music. So entertaining!
  • Bellagio Water Show – we had front row seats to this at the Fontana Bar, drinks and cigars in hand.
  • Shopping – we had our pick from all the outlets and malls surrouding us but we decided to do our shopping at the Fashion Show Mall.

Vegas…we will be back!


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