Mommy & Me Date #4

Last week, I decided to take my only boy on a one-on-one date. This date was going to be different from the ones I planned for his three sisters. This is my only son and he’s 18 years old now. I had to be ready for topics of conversation that interested an 18 year old and had to plan an outing that he’d be able to enjoy and appreciate more than maybe his sisters would.

I struggled and solicited help from the Hubby – after all, he’s a boy too. :) With his help, I decided to take my boy to Seau’s. The football theme of the restaurant, the extensive menu and the fact that they were playing live island reggae that night sold me. Although he isn’t 21 yet, being able to enjoy live island reggae in a venue might make him feel the privileges of his age. I let him drive us to our destination, he was able to pick out whatever he wanted (I reminded him to take advantage of the fact that he didn’t have to share with his sisters), and there was a whole lot of conversing. We talked about relationships, plans after college, island music…

After dinner, I planned on taking him shopping for anything he might need. He asked for shampoo (did I mention that this kid is easy to please???). So off to Target we went and along with the shampoo, I was able to treat him to a new pair of shoes and some Paul Frank pajama pants which they have in men’s sizes. LOL. When we got home, he showered and changed into his new Paul Frank pajama pants. :) We had a great time together and I look forward to more one-on-one dates with him, as well as with his sisters, in the years to come.

“Bubba, you make me proud to have you as my one and only son. You bring so much joy into my life just by being you. I love you.”


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