Avon Lady

On most days, I wear no or very little make-up. I would not consider myself a cosmetic junkie, although I do indulge in girly products every now and then and am always impressed by the magic tranformation given by make-up artistry. I have a handful of high end make-up (i.e. MAC) but for the most part, I am a “buy when I run out-I think I have a coupon for that” kind of gal.

One of my Mom’s very first jobs when she arrived in the U-S of A almost forty years ago, was being an Avon Lady. I don’t think I could ever be an Avon Lady or ANY kind of salesperson…I just don’t have a knack for it. But my Mom tried it out for a bit. Since the day body odor came into my life, I have been using the same Avon deodorant and I love it. I get it through my no-longer-an-Avon Lady Mom but she places her orders through her Aunt and shares her stash with me (and yes, I’m in my thirties!).

Recently, I decided to explore their website and learn more about this veteran cosmetic company. I was stunned at all the different types of product offerings they have and how low their pricing was. I was most impressed by their empowerment of women and their still-standing slogan: The Company for Women.

I decided that instead of splurging at Sephora, I would do some early birthday shopping on avon.com. I ended up buying quite a few items that received pretty stellar reviews, crossing my fingers that I will find the products to be just as satisfying. Revert back a couple paragraphs…I AM a loyal Avon deodorant user for over twenty three years now, you know! :) Here are some of the goodies I just got along with my feedback!


Avon had a special at the time I was shopping — 3 lip glosses for $7.99 (they are regularly priced at $6.00 each). I chose the colors Cherry Liqueur, Tickled Pink and Island Glow. It was harder than I thought to choose from a picture palette versus seeing the colors in “real life”. Since giving birth to Ella, I felt like I just stopped wearing any kind of lipstick/lip color. The most I’d put on my lips would be your good ol’ standard lip balm (not even gloss). And when I WOULD attempt lipstick, it just didn’t feel or look right to me. After I read the reviews on this lip gloss, I was very curious. I have pretty full lips, and anything sticky on them, food, lip gloss or otherwise, is even more uncomfortable for me. But THIS lip gloss…wow, never used anything like this. It’s almost like there’s nothing on your lips yet they stay moisturized and colored. They apply nice and smooth, and not like a huge sticky mess of syrupy consistency. Super-light weight and TONS of colors to choose from. Today I’m wearing Cherry Liqueur — I originally picked out this color because I wanted something bright to HOPEFULLY match well with my light complexion. I also got Island Glow and Tickled Pink, which gives more of a natural look. I highly recommend this product.

SuperMagnify Mascara

So recently, I purchased a “volumizing, lash extension” mascara. I mean, really, how many mascaras promise you volume and extension? Too many. I decided to go out of my comfort zone and try “the brand” and was disappointed at how clumpy it was upon application. But practical me, I decided to use it until I found another alternative that I was willing to try and wouldn’t break the bank. I think I found it. Check out the reviews for Avon’s SuperMagnify Mascara. It was only $4.99 (about how much I paid for the the OTHER brand) but regularly priced at $9.00. Like some of the reviewers, I was kind of iffy about the mascara wand — it looked very similar to a lip gloss applicator wand, but there ARE teeny tiny bristles that are fabulous at covering every lash. No clumps, guaranteed. And like the lip gloss, it’s super-light weight.

Advance Techniques Daily Shine Dry Ends Serum

My hair, unfortunately, is rather dry. I like using serums on my hair after styling/straightening so it has that healthy shine to it. This was on sale for $4.99 (regularly $8.00) so I thought I’d give it a whirl. Like the reviews say, it does not weigh down your hair and gives it a nice, healthy shine. I love the scent too!

So far, so good, Avon! I’m extremely happy with my purchases and the savings I received on your sales. I received great products at such great prices! Yes, maybe I’d like to splurge on some fancy cosmetic product once in a blue moon, but now I know that they need to compare to the quality products I’ve seen from Avon. I’m sold!


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