Random Thoughts Thursday

  • 4pm can’t get here fast enough — DVRing the State game and I’m going to let Fresh & Easy, and the oven and microwave take care of dinner tonight! GO SDSU!
  • So excited for a mid-week date night with Hubby. Planning to check out a Hip Hop / Art event next Tuesday.
  • Spring cleaning is in progress — we participated in the community garage sale last Saturday (even though I do NOT like dealing with all the hagglers) and although we didn’t sell much, we ended up donating a lot of items. Still have a way’s to go though…
  • The boy and I have a mini dance routine we made up during the garage sale — this is what happens when you wake up at 6am on a Saturday, are tired and delirious. Haha.
  • My friends are the BEST — they are planning a Girls’ Night Out for my birthday. :)
  • Planning for Vegas — just a couple of weeks away!
  • I finally digitized and housed all of our family newsletters on issuu.com AND I’m almost done with our Spring issue!

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