Date with Mommy #3

Ella and I had a fabulous day together. She is a huge Justin Bieber fan, so I thought taking her to the movie would be the next best thing to taking her to an actual JB concert…plus she’s only 2 and a half, so it’s easier to manage a little one in a movie theater. The day was all hers! I was excited for her and nervous at the same time since this would be Ella’s very first movie experience. The movie held her attention, and can I just say that I have this newfound respect and love for Justin Bieber? He is so talented and entertaining, and I’m so glad that I was able to watch it with the biggest JB fan in our family!

Ella & Mommy

Ready for some JB!

3D glasses and popcorn - check!

After the movie, we walked over to the bookstore to pick up a Justin Bieber magazine, as promised. Ella loved the green chairs in the children’s reading area so much that she made herself comfortable as she flipped through her new magazine! I love bookstores so it was nice to see Ella enjoy it as much as me. :)

All smiles after the movie!

And in true Mommy & Me Date fashion, I let her choose what we would eat for lunch. At first I thought she said “Cotton Candy” but she corrected me and said “No Mommy, not cotton candy. I said kare-kare.” LOL. I was pleasantly surprised that my kid asked for a Filipino dish which just happens to be one of my favorites. Kare-kare it is then. :)

“Ella, I love you very much and I cannot wait to experience many more special moments with you!”


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