Looking Forward To…

…this weekend! It can’t get here soon enough. Thank goodness it’s flying by at work with all the projects on my plate. Plus it’s  a short work week with the Hubby and I taking Friday off to spend with his visiting cousin. That evening I have a much-needed Girls’ Night Out with 8 of my girlfriends — I cannot wait!

Then, I have a one-on-one date with my Mini-Me, Ella, on Saturday morning. She is SO excited to see the Justin Bieber movie and has even asked me if we can pick up a Justin Bieber magazine afterward (this said while I was reading a gossip magazine the Hubby bought me to cheer me up — darn that PMS — and seeing a picture of JB on one of the pages! LOL) So we’ll probably visit Barnes & Noble after the movie. It’s been TOO long since I’ve been in B&N…used to be a place I’d frequent with Ella in the mornings when she was teeny tiny and in a stroller. Now we will be WALKING in there tomorrow to pick up a magazine with her favorite pop star adorning the cover! Times have changed and she is definitely growing up too fast.

Wheels are turning for her birthday party planning — so far I have the date, place and theme picked out. Will post an inspiration board soon but I am excited!


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