Borrowed from Good Housekeeping Magazine

I thought this was a good one — I received my issue of GH yesterday. I liked the interview with Heidi Klum, so here are MY answers to the same questions. Some of these (btw) were tough for me to answer. :/

1. What is the best part of your day? One of the best parts of my day would have to be when Ella says good morning — I love seeing her face and hearing her sleepy voice to start my day! I also look forward to dinner with the family — we get to hear about each other’s days and catch up before all the homework begins.

2. What object do you treasure the most? I’ve always said that if there was a fire in the house and I had to grab one single thing, it would be our binder of family newsletters. It houses years of family photos and memories — it’s like our family yearbook over the course of over 5 years now.

3. In your home, what is there always time for? There is always time for sitdown meals with our family — as busy as our schedules may be, we always make it a point to sit down together to eat. Exceptions are made when kids have late night or early sporting events or a family member is sick. Otherwise, we try to wait for each other and enjoy our meals together.

4. What’s on your nightstand right now? A humidifier and water bottles, and maybe the ceiling fan remote. We’re working on getting a “real” nightstand. The one we have now is temporary. :)

5. What’s a date night for you and your husband like? Always fun and usually includes good food — we save our “eating out” for our date nights.

6. What would your husband say your best quality is? That I can make him laugh and that I love to take care of our family. (I know, that’s TWO.)

7. And your worst? My lack of patience at times — I’m working on it. ;)

8. What’s one beauty product you can’t live without? Moisturizer — I am ok not wearing make up but it would bother me if my face was dry.

9. Any parenting rules you swear by? We apply consequences to their actions. We try not to use the word “punishment” or “restriction”– we use “consequences” so that they learn they are results of their actions and decisions. We hope that this teaches them accountability.

10. Any parenting rules you break? Bedtime — this can bend depending on how much homework they have.

11. Do you want to have more kids? Sometimes I do.

12. What’s the hardest part about having four kids? Trying to give them an equal amount of attention, praise, discipline, etc…that can be tricky when you have four completely different ages and personalities. But we try our best to be fair and to make sure that all of our kids feel loved and grow up learning the same values.


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