Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Hubby and I always make it a point to make our kids feel special and it’s even more fun on those Hallmark holidays like Valentine’s, Easter, etc. We run out to the store and buy a little something for the kids so they know how much we love and think about them, no matter how old they are. I didn’t think I was going to be the one showered with gifts on Valentine’s Day. I’m “Mom” so I do the showering. :) I can honestly say that it is very hard to surprise me, but I was doubly surprised this morning! Sitting on the dining table for me was a card signed by all of our kids, a stuffed monkey and candy! But the best part was reading what the kids wrote — so sweet and touching. How can one NOT have a good day after reading their words?!

From the Kids

Then as I got out of my car this morning in our work parking lot, our security guard approached me to tell me that there was a “delivery” for me at the front desk. I thought maybe it was a proof from a print vendor. As soon as I walked into our lobby, there sat a big beautiful bouquet of red roses from the Hubby. I feel so loved and so special.

From the Hubby

I am truly lucky to have 5 of the most amazing people as my Valentines not just today, but all year long. Gifts or no gifts, I love them with all my heart for countless reasons. I am one lucky Wife and Mommy…

“Thank you Joe, Justice, Aubreigh, Alyannah & Ella — I love you all!”


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