Date Night: MixTape

Friday night was exactly what I needed — an enjoying evening with my very best friends. These are ladies that I’ve been friends with for over 20 years! We are still very close, in fact I think we’ve grown closer as we’ve grown older. We’re all married and we’re all mothers. The four of us and our dear husbands enjoyed a dinner in and an evening out. Since it was a Friday night, we all worked during the day, made sure our children were taken care of, and gathered at our house for a Chinese take-out dinner. We jumped in the SUV (yes, all 8 of us!) and headed to downtown to enjoy a musical that I believe was PERFECT for the 8 of us. We are children of the 80’s and MixTape celebrated the TV shows, the music, the fashion and the events of that era. It was outstanding and lucky me, I was even bashfully serenaded by one of the actors, who just happened to be one of the Hubby’s old high school classmates. Yay alma mater for representing San Diego theater at its finest! A totally awesome must-see show! Afterwards, we went back to the ‘hood and the Hubbies enjoyed a stogie while the women enjoyed a Starbucks. It was a perfect prelude to Valentine’s Day with some of my favorite folks. I will always remember last night as one of excessive smiles and laughter, medicine for my soul. It has been a very stressful, miserable, exhausting past few weeks and after last night I feel rejuvenated. Thank you to the CROO + Hubbies!



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