Random Thoughts Thursday

  • I’ve been M.I.A. from relished for the past week…Dad went back to the hospital. Let’s just say it’s been another hell of a week. Praying…constantly.
  • Felt so much love from extended family and friends this past weekend – I honestly believe their prayers played a huge part in my Dad being released from the hospital this week.
  • It was such a beautiful thing to speak to so many of my relatives this past weekend.
  • Surprisingly, in my search for it, I’ve found some normalcy at work. I’ve had a very productive week!
  • Hoping Ella doesn’t have more than a cold — tugged at her ear Tuesday, vomitted Wednesday. When I asked her if she still felt sick she replied “Not anymore Mommy.” and seemed to be in a pretty good mood today. I hope she gets better soon.
  • Hosting a party for #3 this weekend. So exhausted mentally but I’m sure I’ll feel re-energized being around family.
  • Actually using my iPod this week after a lull of about a year or so.
  • Sad I missed out on my Godkids’ celebrations this past weekend. :(
  • Happy I’ve met 20% of my total weight-loss goal – gotta keep on pushing!

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