Random Thoughts Thursday

  • One of the longest weeks EVER!
  • So bummed that my sickness is keeping me away from this beautiful weather.
  • Proud of son for receiving his first college acceptance call to Northern Arizona University. Hope this is the first of many.
  • I’m down another 2 – gotta keep up with this pace to reach my April goal :)
  • What is this sudden craving for pork rinds all about? Who knows!
  • I’m feeling like “dim sum” this weekend — something exciting about trying a bunch of different bites. I’ve reached out to my FB foodies for recs on where to go and am narrowing down their suggestions.
  • I feel like me and son’s BM get along quite well — and I’m thankful for that. :)
  • Slightly irritated about not knowing the softball schedule during our soon-to-be 10 year old’s birthday weekend — how can a Mom make plans?
  • A restaurant I recently Yelped about is in the process of trying to redeem itself — to accept or not accept the gift card offer. Hmm.
  • Finally found a pair of brown boots that I REALLY like for under $50 (the under $50 is actually a nice bonus)!
  • Kind of loving the lemon cilantro hummus from Fresh & Easy — love that place and all the cool food finds.
  • Can’t wait for a pre-Vday group date with my Besties and their Hubbies.
  • Shame on me for using the word “fricken” — guess who’s said it a couple of times and had to be told no.
  • Looking for some normalcy. Being sick or having someone in the family sick turns your world upside down.
  • Vegas bound to celebrate our 4th anniversary next month¬†— thanks to one of my dearest friends for hooking up the resort accommodations.
  • I’m feeling incredibly relieved and blessed that my Dad is home after 5 days in the hospital.
  • Hours away from Friday and Payday…always a good pair.

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