Inspired by Edmon & Maya

This weekend will be one of great celebrations! My godson Edmon is celebrating his 4th birthday and my goddaughter Maya will be baptized. After such a stressful and emotional weekend (read previous post), I am actually amazed that  I had the focus and motivation to dive into my creative projects. But somehow, it was chicken soup for my soul — it allowed me to channel my energy and thoughts into these two little loves of my life.

My godson is a superhero — really, he is. He jumps and leaps from high places and always exudes this great energy! The last playdate at his house, I noticed that he only had a blanket draped across his shoulders — this was his cape. Knowing that his birthday was approaching, I challenged myself to make him a real superhero cape. I didn’t have a pattern or a clear idea of what his emblem would look like. I just kind of took the scissors and cut here, cut there, etc… Overall, I am happy with how it turned out. The Hubby helped secure the patch and Ella of course was my model. :)


 I am so honored to be Maya’s godmom — my Bestie (Maya’s mom) always has things under control and is making these fabulous s’mores pops for her favors. I asked Bestie if Hubby and I could add to the favors using an idea I saw awhile back on one of my favorite blogs Sara’s Party Perfect. Plus I couldn’t resist this adorable picture of Maya which had perfect positioning for the “heart pop”. Also a great idea for your little one’s Valentine’s cards!

Sweet Treats


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