First Date Night of 2011

Although I still can’t believe we have an 18 year old sometimes, one of the perks to having a “man child” as I jokingly call him, is that he is old enough to watch his baby sister while we get to run errands or…go on a date night.

Where to go is always the big question mark. And with this healthy eating kick that we’re on, that posed another challenge. After changing our minds (ok after I kept changing MY mind), we decided to go to Kensington Grill as we’ve both really liked their food in the past and I really enjoyed Happy Hour there when I went with my friend Gary.

We arrived at KG at exactly 5pm which is when Happy Hour begins. Sadly, I thought there would be more than ONE appetizer to choose from (as was the case when I dined with Gary) but the special was $5 fish tacos. We decided on two orders of the fish tacos (which came with 2 tacos each) and the calamari which was delicious, even the bed of seasoned cabbage that it was sitting on. All the roughage made it feel like more of a healthier meal! Later we decided to add the “Hog Bar” which was a pork hash, a chipotle sausage and pork rinds — we loved this. For dessert, we had their Snicker Torte Vanilla Gelato dessert — of all the things we had that night, this was just okay. Oh and Hubby had the pale ale and I had a margarita.

Margarita for Me & Pale Ale for Hubby

Happy Hour Special - 2 Fish Tacos for $5

Calamari on a bed of bell peppers, sprouts and cabbage...mmm!

The Hog Bar with Pork Hash, Sausage & Pork Rinds

Vanilla Gelato & Peanut Snicker Torte

Happy 2011!!!


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