Health Is Wealth: Under The Sea

A new food Hubby and I are taking on to is FISH. We like fish, don’t get me wrong, especially fried pampano. But that’s the problem…fried. Ugh. We’ll have to consider this a little splurge whenever Mom and Dad decide to cook these up. We’ve always been shy about preparing fish assuming that it was time-consuming and messy…or so we thought. Introducing our solution to eating MORE fish:

Gorton's Grilled Tilapia

Right now at our local grocery store, each package of 2 frozen grilled and seasoned fillets is $1.99. What a steal for something I consider to be pretty tasty AND good for you. On a WW points system, each fillet is worth 2 points. This week, we found that preparing healthy dinners and lunches have been easier with Gorton’s grilled tilapia. And can you believe we passed up cheese tortellini pasta and garlic bread for dinner last night to have a fillet of fish and a side of salad? Sorry, I had to “brag” a little bit about our will power. Ha!

For those of you out there wanting to eat more or even just want to try eating fish, give Gorton’s a try. A true, tasty timesaver solution!


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