Health Is Wealth: Coffee Time

So this year, I will start blogging under a new category called “Health Is Wealth”. In working towards my goal to get to my wedding weight (and possibly less), I will be posting new food choices, activities and habits under this category, as well as any challenges I face on this journey to a healthier lifestyle. Baby steps…

I love me some coffee…but even more than the coffee itself, I love how much flavor the CREAMER brings to my cup of love. Creamer, at least the kind I would use which would vary in all the fun flavors available, and in the amounts I’d use (my coffee is nowhere near “black” EVER) can be super-fattening. Let’s just say it’s one of those “sleeper” fatty foods that sneaks up on you. But I have to HAVE my coffee every day. So my mission…I had to find a way to get that same yummy flavor but not the calories. So here’s my recipe for a good lower calorie cup of  coffee.

  • Brewed or instant coffee of any brand and flavor (I drink Starbucks because that’s what they have at work)
  • 2 tsp of Great Value (Walmart’s brand) sugar-free French Vanilla powdered creamer – only a dollar and some change for a size that fits nicely on your work desk :)
  • 1 pkt of Great Value sweetener

I’m telling you — it’s just as good as the creamy stuff. You’re definitely not sacrificing flavor. Give it a sip!


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