First of all, Happy 2011 everyone! I don’t know about you, but I’m super-excited about this year. Despite a few bumps that are to be expected in life in general, I had a pretty darn good 2010 and feel very thankful for all of my blessings. But I am focused, determined and excited about making 2011 my best year yet. I brainstormed and tried to be as thoughtful about what it is I wanted to focus on and work towards achieving. I jotted these goals down as they came to me on my Blackberry and wanted to post them here before the first of the year came to an end. So…here we go…

  • Live a more active life (and if I can get to my wedding size, extra brownie points :) My sister-in-law said to me last night as we were waiting to ring in the new year “Health is wealth – everything else is a bonus.” Perfectly articulated in what…8 simple words? Thanks sis.
  • Do not stress so much (or at all) on things that are outside of my control. Have you ever heard of the Serenity Prayer? This prayer pretty much sums up my outlook in “this” life. I will say it over and over to myself until I’m reminded that “it’s just not worth it.”
  • Live in the moment with my children, even on my busiest of days. Every minute is valuable and counts especially when they are growing up so fast, so make it worthwhile whether it’s experiencing something new with them or showing them the lessons behind their decisions. They’re watching AND listening, AND will remember.
  • Seek out new and creative adventures and experiences, big or small.  Life is too short to regret not doing something on your bucket list.
  • Say “thank you” and “I love you” more to those dear to me — they deserve to hear it more than just on special occasions.
  • Continue blogging about the truths, the joy and the blessings in my life.

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