The Last Random Thoughts Thursday of 2010

  • Since we extended our cable package, I’ve had the pleasure of watching the following movies (and mind you, I am the person who finds it a feat to dedicate 2 hours to sitting and watching a movie!): My Sister’s Keeper, The Family Who Preys, It’s Complicated, Four Christmases, He’s Just Not That Into You, Julie & Julia and Arthur – what can I say, Hubby made a good move in upgrading the cable!
  • While I feel we need to buckle down financially, I am happy we were able to make some pretty hefty worthwhile purchases for our family: King bed, third vehicle, new bedroom furniture for the girls, a new sofa and ottoman, and a new 50 inch TV.
  • On that note, I heart our new TV!!!
  • I loved the text I got from our boy yesterday updating us on his whereabouts: “Hi. We’re eating now. Hi mom :) how was work?” And when he came home, he gave me a big hug and was just catching up with me — he apparently had a whole lot to say about the last two days since I hadn’t really seen him. The little things…gotta love it.
  • Ella: “Mommy, don’t say Joe. Only my grandma calls him Joe.” LOL!!! Oh Ella. She’s so used to hearing me call her Daddy “honey”.
  • I am ecstatic and honored to be a Godmother to my Bestie’s baby girl Maya Elenia. My baby girl not only has a sunsister, but a Godsister. :)
  • I am truly blessed with a wonderful set of friends and family — cannot wait to make more memories in 2011!
  • To me, my Hubby is the best husband in the universe — I admire SO MUCH about him. I learn so much from him, especially when it comes to being patient and forgiving. He’s perfection in my eyes (and I know this even when I’m crabby).
  • Looking forward to a nice relaxing prelude to 2011 this weekend — more time with family and friends.
  • Proud of myself for being committed to my very first blog this year — I have never ever completed a consistent journal of my life that has lasted as long as a year. I plan to continue blogging into 2011.
  • To join or not join…a gym. Ugh.
  • Ella is hooked on the Katy Perry songs “Teenage Dream” and “Firework” (I admit, I’m a little hooked myself).
  • I just found this — should come in handy with one of my 2011 goals :)
  • Sometimes I find myself missing: Muay Thai Kickboxing, hula, my old condo, my co-workers from HSBC, my Thursday night outings at 23 years old when I managed to stay out ’til 4am and make it to work by 7:30am, my long hair, high school & college days, my discipline when it comes to working out, old school hip hop…and I mean the good stuff.
  • I am NOT old — but I AM a grown up. :)
  • My January 2011 social calendar is already BOOKED. Man!
  • If I don’t log in again before 2010 comes to an end, I wish you all a year of precious memories made, little and big goals achieved, exciting adventures and finding the peace and happiness in the simple things in life. Happy New Year!

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