I’m Still Here!

Just wanted to stop in and say “hi” and let you know that I am still alive! I say that with a dash of seriousness – really, sometimes it gets so busy that I am amazed that I can stand on two feet without falling asleep. I plan to post some pretty amazing moments – just haven’t had time to organize my photogs. Thought I’d give a brief rundown on how life has been “bullet-point” style. You know me and lists… ;)

  • Had some pretty amazing moments with my son – a few heart-t0-heart talks and a big birthday bash for his 18th! And he gave me some of the BIGGEST compliments any mother could ever receive. Makes me love him and this life that MUCH more.
  • Had another memorable Thanksgiving holiday – a bit of a marathon (but truth be told, all holidays in our family are marathons – lol). Hubby and I did a ton of cooking – we cooked a turkey for the first time!
  • Finally got to use my sewing machine last night – Hubby was surprised at how fast I created a top for Ella WITHOUT a pattern. I LOVE MY SEWING MACHINE! And threading it was a cinch (thank you 7th grade home ec).
  • I am so SO bummed that two of my favorite shows are over this season. EVEN MORE BUMMED that my favorite of the two – Terriers – is not coming back for a second season! Curse you FX. I’m tempted to start a petition of sorts to get that show back on the air. :(
  • On the flipside, I’m happy that Top Chef is on – it’s their first ever All-Star competition. Not sure who I’m rooting for yet.
  • So proud of the alma mater, my son and the rest of the Varsity Marauders – after 27 long years, we made it to the Championship game at Qualcomm Stadium. Although Vista defeated us, I am so very proud of these kids and their hard work.
  • After a busy past few weeks, Hubby and I were able to enjoy a nice quiet lunch by the water. And we have another date planned for this weekend. Woohoo!
  • The Christmas decorations are out – but we still need to get our tree. First time in five years that we didn’t get our tree the day after Thanksgiving. We are planning on getting it this weekend – Ella keeps asking. :)
  • I still need to get my eyes checked.
  • I won another design contest at work! Hello, $100.
  • 15 items for $200…not bad. Love me some online shopping. Got some pretty cute items for our 9 year old – now am I going to give it to her for xmas or save it for her bday next month? Can’t pass up good deals – skinny jeans for $7? Sold.
  • Just heard some great news from Ella’s godparents – so excited for them!
  • So thankful to have wonderful friends and family – just had to let the world know that! :)

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