Marauders Big Victory Against Eastlake

So in our latest family newsletter, I asked the kids to write their goals for this school year. Our boy, who is a Senior, wrote that he wanted to win CIFs and go to the Championship Game at Qualcomm Stadium where our San Diego Chargers and SDSU Aztecs play! Privately I thought it was a long stretch, but was completely fine with publishing whatever he was aspiring to achieve this year. Remember the saying “Anything is possible!” – well, that phrase is perfect for what just happened for our alma mater and the soon to be fate of the Mira Mesa Marauders.

They were scheduled to play an undefeated team on their home turf last night. As we pulled up to the school, not a single parking space was available which told me that Eastlake had a huge support group cheering them on that night. Intimidating? Nah. When we finally parked and trekked to the field, I looked up at the scoreboard to find it was still 0 – 0. What? Nobody scored yet? Granted, it was only the second quarter, but still. We’re playing an undefeated team!

Shortly after sitting ourselves down on the freezing cold bleachers, the Marauders went in for the first touchdown and exciting play after play  ended with a 20 – 0 shut out against Eastlake. The best part for our family, the Marauders and the entire Mira Mesa community is that it had been 27 years since our alma mater made it to the stadium for a championship game! It is such a very exciting time for us all and I just want my son to relish every moment of it.

Our boy and his best buds from the team

Hubby and our two good friends who have attended almost every single one of the MM games

The scoreboard

So proud of him


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