Proud MOMents

I have to share some proud MOMents – these moments are golden and worth sharing. They’re like chicken soup for my soul. ;)

Yesterday was mine and the Hubby’s Starbucks anniversary – we meet each other every year at the same Starbucks on the same day that marked the start of our friendship turned relationship turned marital bliss! The Hubby asked our boy if he can watch his baby sister for an hour or two so we can have our date.  Our boy texts me on his own accord that he was practicing late, with consideration that we had plans in place. Why? Because our boy is THAT considerate! Here’s his text, unedited. 

“Hey mom did dad tell u im practicing till 4:30? I should be out around 7 so ill get to the house right after so u and dad can go on ur date.”

I asked my Hubby repeatedly if he told our boy to text me that message – and he didn’t. I know it’s not a big deal to most people, but I was so touched that he took the time to reassure me that we can still go on our date and that he would go straight home to make that happen for us. :) Love him.

Later that evening, our teen texted us an update about her basketball tryouts from her mother’s house. She also added:

“ps Happy starbuckaversary! :) Love u and tell Ella I love her.”

How nice of her to recognize a day that is so special to her Dad and I. And by the way, SHE MADE THE JV TEAM!!! So proud of her. I thought the little message to her baby sister was precious too – makes me feel that she really does miss her when she’s not around.

I also appreciate how our tween eminates a motherly quality towards Ella in preparing her breakfast every morning. I really think she enjoys doing that for her baby sister. And she does this without us having to ask. Amazing!

Then, this morning, I asked Ella if she knew where my make-up brush was (she likes to take it from me and pretend she’s painting). I had not seen that thing in TWO weeks! She squeezed her little body in front of me to open up the hair accessory drawer (which did not house my make-up brushes), dug through the hair ties and other accessories, and yelled “I found it! Here it is momma – I put it in this drawer. I’m sorry.” My little 2 1/2 year old apologizing for misplacing my make-up brush? Wow!

So what can I say? I’m one lucky mommy. They may not think I notice or even care, but I do. It’s those little things I tell ya. Those little things really do matter the most. And it’s these moments that will hopefully shape them into the considerate adults and parents they will be one day.


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