Sneak Peek: Xmas Gifts

I am 80% done with my Christmas shopping – amazing! I started early and did my share of online shopping combined with traditional store shopping. Here is a sneak peek at what I purchased so far for my two older girls. Plus all three of our girls will be getting a new TV for their newly remodeled bedroom from “Santa” – I’m sure they’ll be THRILLED about that :)

For the “teen”: Batman tote that we found at Walmart on clearance – she is into the Superhero thing these days so thought this was a cute gift for her. She loves doing her nails and I found a cute french manicure set at the mall. And clothes…got her a grey thermal long sleeve tee from Aeropostale to match the color of the Batman tote…you know Mom always has to “coordinate” the gift elements. Haha. Still have to throw in a few more stocking stuffers for her.

For the Teen in our family

For the “tween”: A super-cute Paul Frank tote (that I resisted to keep for myself btw) I purchased online – she’s a dancing-machine so I thought she’d appreciate the “I Heart the Robot Dance” design. Found some teal and purple accessories I found on clearance from Anchor Blue, a store that I hardly have the chance to visit since I’m not a big mall-shopper. She can pull off the cute bows and headbands with style so these were perfect! Also added matching nail polish – she loves to do her nails too! Plus, a long sleeve top from Aeropostale to match the accessories (of course).

For the Tween in our family

A closer look at all the fun accessories :)

The shopping continues but I have to say that I’m so excited at how many people I’m checking off the list and it’s only November!

Happy shopping, everyone – and Hello, November (can’t believe you’re here already).


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