Living Room Inspiration

Like last year, what I want for Xmas is something that our family can enjoy and something for the house. Last year, we transformed half of our garage into a lounge – a place the kids can study, watch TV, play video games, and an extra entertaining space. We covered our walls with fabric, bought a sofa and book case from IKEA, threw a rug on the floor and voila!

This year, we said good-bye to our old sectional sofa which was honestly too big for our living room. It was time to go because I can only stitch up the torn seams so many times. We ended up buying another sectional sofa but one that was sized more appropriately. Now we want to get a flat screen TV for our living room and get rid of our old SONY TV. We can’t decide on many things – size of the TV, mounted on the wall or sitting on the shelf, color of the shelf, size of the shelf, etc. I’m posting some photos for inspiration and I hope the Hubby is reading this one – wink wink! :)










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