This is How We Roll

For Halloween, I was thinking that Ella could be Minnie Mouse – she already had the ears from our summer trip to Disney, so I was planning to make her costume. Nothing is more fun for me as a mommy than being able to do special things for my kids especially the crafty and creative stuff. THEN, I saw this idea on the web of a sushi costume – brilliant! It was adorable, original and fairly do-able to make myself. I told the Hubby about it, showing him pictures from different DIY moms who made their toddlers a sushi costume for Halloween and he was all for it. After researching the many different ideas on the web and the different materials used, I decided that 1) I wasn’t going to do any sewing but only use my handy dandy glue gun and 2) I am going to use materials that are comfy for Ella and my niece Addy, both 2 years old. Some of the sushi costumes that were out there, although super-cute, looked quite uncomfortable for the little ones – some were made of cardboard, were incredibly huge (and heavy looking) making it hard for them to take a sit-down breather from all the trick-or-treating. I wanted the sushi costume to feel comfortable and light, like they were wearing a pillow back-pack (but on the front side of their bodies), allowing them to maneuver easily as they go trick-or-treating.

I used a white towel material (terry cloth) for the sushi’s “white rice”. I used felt for every thing else. Note: Felt is so easy to work with especially when using a glue gun, and it’s fairly on the inexpensive side. I used batting to stuff the costume elements and give it some dimension. And I purchased plastic head bands (about an inch wide) for the head piece. In total, this costume may have taken me about an hour and a half to two hours, but since I split up the creation in  two days, it’s kind of a guesstimate. In total, I probably spent about $25 (which accounts for TWO costumes).

Putting together the head piece which has the ginger, wasabi and soy sauce.

Close-up of the head piece

Front view of the head piece

My Little California Roll


4 thoughts on “This is How We Roll

  1. About how much of the batting did you buy? Are the black (seaweed) felt too? How many yards? My daughter is about the same size as yours. Loving the easy idea. But I’m afraid I’ll mess up on the assembly.

    • Hi Leslie – I can’t believe I just saw this message now. I hope my response will be helpful otherwise. My apologies! I usually don’t get messages, so I didn’t even bother to check.

      For the batting, I got about two bags for this costume. Just depends on how poofy you want it. : ) Also, I got about a yard and a half of white felt and half a yard of the black felt (yes, the seaweed was felt too). In fact, everything I bought was felt and the only sewing I did was handstitching the straps so she could wear it like a frontal backpack. Hope that makes sense. Everything else, I used a glue gun. Love my glue gun! Enjoy and glad you liked the idea.

    • Hi Marcella – unfortunately, I do not have step-by-step directions. I just freestyled on this one. ;-) But I didn’t have to sew anything – I used a glue gun for everything. Most of the fabric was felt, which is fairly inexpensive. Have fun!

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