Sew Inspired!

This Christmas, I plan on asking Santa for a new Singer sewing machine. Now that I am a mommy, I am motivated to sew dresses for my little girl as well as other crafty items and gifts for other family members and friends. I am “SEW” inspired by beautiful colorful fabrics – there is something so personal about them. Take a look at some of these photos for inspiration. You may not find me on Etsy anytime soon, but you may be seeing little Ella rocking a number by her very own momma. ;)

A girlfriend of mine gave me a gift wrapped in beautiful fabric years ago and I absolutely loved it - it can be passed on from gift to gift, and it just makes whatever gift wrapped inside THAT much more special.


Tried and true - and sew easy! Try using remnant fabric to save money.

Love these aprons - a clever gift idea for my girlfriends!

So cute - a fabric corsage for the mom-to-be at a sewing-themed baby shower in her honor.

Not your ordinary party banner - I'm sure this took lots of time and effort, but so well-worth it. Plus you can use it over and over again!


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